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Enjoy Your Time in Finchley, N2

A notable feature in the region is the Finchley Market Place which was once the largest pig market in the region. It was once rebuilt after a bombing during the Second World War, with many shops as well, but the stores all eventually closed down and only the market remained, as well as the local pub, the Duke of Cambridge. Today only the pub and the name remain of the place’s history.

Finchley is located in North West London, within the London Borough of Barnet. Its real development started out in the 12th and 13th centuries, when it became a farmland, and with the upgrades in transport, it grew to be the residential suburb it is today. It has three town centres: East Finchley, Finchley Central (officially known as Finchley Church End), and North Finchley.

If you want an education in the ways of the farmers or rural way of life, then go to the College Farm, which is also the last farm in Finchley. And if you want entertainment, visit East Finchley’s Phoenix Cinema, one of the oldest purpose-built cinema studios in England, and also marvel at its amazing art deco facade.

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