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Come to View the Scenery in Totteridge, N20

Totteridge is located in North London, within the London Borough of Barnet. Historically, it was a rural area located between two valleys and has underwent many transformations, starting as a mostly uninhabited rural region, to an old village coloured with a few Edwardian and Victorian mansions, and ending with today’s mixed status. It still has its rural characteristics, containing some farmland, and plenty of open green spaces, but it also houses a lot of suburban development used by many residents.

A big chunk of Totteridge was deemed a Conservation Area, containing quite a few important sites for Nature Conservation, and very little has been touched ever since 1968. Such Sites include the Darland’s Lake Nature Reserve, Totteridge Common, the twin Dollis Brook and Folly Brook areas, and the Totteridge Green.

Places of local history and culture include St Andrew’s Church and the Totteridge War Memorial. Because of the nice outlook of the region, it has attracted some of the wealthy Londoners who wish to live a peaceful life and that is why Totteridge actually houses a few of the most expensive houses in London.

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