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Enjoy Your Spell in Whetstone, N20

Whetstone is located in North West London, east of Totteridge and within the London Borough of Barnet. It is a smaller place in an area which is most commonly known as Totteridge & Whetstone. It gets its name from the titular whetstone which has been a stating post ever since medieval times. The inn that was next to that spot is long gone, but in its place today you can see the Griffin pub.

Whetstone is actually one of the richer areas in the United Kingdom, but that is mostly because of Totteridge Lane and the big number of multi-millionaires who live there. There is some controversy about the name, as many don’t think the whetstone itself gave the name to the area, but it was a butchered Anglo-Saxon word.

The area is served by the Totteridge and Whetstone tube station and quite a few London buses. Historically, Whetstone is considered a place used for many secret meetings during the Second World War.

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